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If you're starting to look at apartments in Opelika, you've probably come across the term "Outside Parkway". This is a neighborhood located on Opelika's northern side, and the "Parkway" the locals are referring to is Pepperell Parkway, which runs east-west and connects Opelika to Auburn. The parkway also gives you a direct route to Downtown Opelika, even though it's officially known as 2nd Avenue when you get closer to the center of town. Living outside the parkway means living in the neighborhood that's north of this road.


So, why should you look for an apartment in Outside Parkway?


- Because it's close to all the shopping you could ever need


Living in Outside Parkway means you'll be close to shopping centers in both Opelika and Auburn. Opelika's huge Tiger Town shopping center is only a short trip south on Birmingham Highway (which intersects with the parkway), and if you want to head to Auburn's Colonial Mall, you'll only have to drive a few minutes west on Pepperell Parkway.


And speaking of Pepperell Parkway, there's also a shopping center located at its junction with Birmingham Parkway. Pepperell Corners isn't as big as the retail options we've already talked about, but City Trends, Goody's, and Dollar General are just a few of the big names who have stores here.


- Because it's close to world-class medical care


If you plan on working at -- or needing care at -- the East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC), having an Outside Parkway apartment will be very convenient. EAMC's main facility is located just a few minutes east of Birmingham Parkway on Pepperell Parkway. Inside, you'll find everything from a cancer center, to a diabetes center, to state-of-the-art facilities where you can give birth.


- Because your taste buds can travel around the world


As soon as you rent your Outside Parkway apartment, you'll be able to treat yourself to a wide variety of gourmet goodies. Most of the restaurants in this area can be found in one of two places -- either along Birmingham Parkway or along Pepperell Parkway. Among the choices, you'll have Mexican food, Asian cuisine, Southern treats, and Soul food.


- Because it's easy to get Downtown


Whether you want to travel back in time on Main Street or you want a fun night out on the town, your apartment in Outside Parkway won't be far from Downtown. All you have to do is head east on Pepperall Parkway and then go south on 10th Street, and you'll wind up right in the heart of Downtown Opelika. Depending just how far outside the parkway your apartment is, it shouldn't take you more than 10 or 15 minutes to get Downtown. You can't beat that!


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